Top Replica TAG Heuer x Fragment Design Heuer 02 Limited-Edition Chronograph Watch

The second work completed by TAG Heuer replica watches in collaboration with Japanese streetwear brand Fragment Design. A series of contradictions are merged together in the best way. It comes from TAG’s Formula One racing series, but uses the Heuer 02 movement inside. It is inspired by the retro Heuer “Viceroy”’ Autavia 1163, but it is completely modern, with no mention of Autavia or even the retro Heuer logo.

x Fragment Design Heuer 02 Limited-Edition Replica Watches

This is a modern cheap TAG Heuer replica chronograph, difficult to punch, and absolutely pleasant to wear. This is the second collaboration between TAG Heuer and Hiroshi Fujiwara, the founder of Japanese streetwear brand Fragment Design. The first time it was launched in Fragment Design Carrera Heuer 02 in 2018. The Formula One racing series tend to lean in completely different directions in terms of design. But not only the Formula One racing family, it is also the first model in the series to use the high-end TAG Heuer 02 movement.

Joining the Formula One family allows Fragment Design Heuer 02 luxury replica watches to get rid of the historical expectations and unique scrutiny brought by the Autavia naming. Fragment Design Heuer 02 does borrow some old-fashioned Autavia elements, but the Formula 1 series has shared quite a lot with the third-generation Autavia since the late 1960s. The original Autavia chronographs were traditionally round cases from their debut in 1962 to 1969. At that time, we saw the advent of the iconic C-shaped case, which was characterized by a slightly rectangular cheap replica watch. Ears with integrated lugs.

The current Formula One case borrows heavily from this generation of Autavia, especially the old Heuer “Viceroy” Autavia 1163. Its biggest inspiration is the design of Fragment Design Heuer 02 top replica watches, with its black/red color scheme and dual register design. Despite its width of 44 mm, the lugs of the C-shaped case keep the lug height of Fragment Design Heuer 02 at a very reasonable 49.5 mm (the thickness of the case is 14.2 mm).