The prestigious TAG Heuer Link was cleverly redesigned in 2016 and is now more colorful with the introduction of the first 3 rows of diamond-encrusted bezels on the bezel and bracelet.
As a TAG Heuer touchstone, the TAG Heuer Link replica uses a classic design with a signature S-shaped chain link at a glance.

At the 2018 Geneva International Fair of Haute Couture, TAG Heuer new luxury version, bezel and bracelet the first 3 rows of diamonds.
Blue mother of pearl dial diameter of 41 mm, legible, bezel fusion of two designs: pillow-shaped base and mosaic ring, on which 54 diamonds. Four rounded design makes the case between the round and pincushion, more subdued, low profile.

Completely made of stainless steel bracelet, and the case blend, simple lugs, highlighting the extremely smooth ergonomic design. Very comfortable to wear when wearing this watch: the front and back sides of the bracelet are made of polished components that are exceptionally comfortable and slippery on the wrist and move freely. This extra attention to detail makes you feel elegant and refined when you wear the watch.

This watch is equipped with Caliber 5 automatic movement, through the sapphire crystal back clearly visible. Fake TAG Heuer Link is also available with a bezel and diamond blue sun dial style to choose from.